Enrollment & IDs

Georgetown Tribal Council holds new member enrollment regularly. Every enrollee is given an enrollment number which corresponds with the enrollment number of their family and enrollment numbers used by the Bureau of Indian Affairs Alaska Native Roll. Each number identifies the distinctive information about the member.

        For instance, an original member might be:


        Region-village-maternal lineage- identification

        A child of this person would then be:


       Region-village-maternal lineage- parent ID/child ID

       A grandchild of this person would then be:


       Region-village-maternal lineage-parent ID/child ID/grandchild ID

Each Georgetown member is also given an enrollment ID card that has a picture of the member, his or her address and their enrollment number. The enrollment ID can be used as a formal piece of identification. Upon approval of the enrollment application, each enrollee also gets a letter verifying their enrollment to Georgetown Tribal Council. This letter can be used to prove enrollment for scholarship applications or any other instance that might require verification of Alaska Native Heritage.

If you wish to enroll a child or would like to update your enrollment information, please download a copy of the enrollment form (pdf) and send a completed, signed copy to the Georgetown Tribal Council office. If you cannot download the form, please contact the office at (907) 274-2195 and a form will be sent to you